Online Poker Stars in the WSOP Final 22

A number of players who honed their skills as online poker players are still in the running to take the Main Event title at the World Series of Poker (WSOP).Just 22 players remain from the 6,865 that originally entered the final event in the WSOP, after seven days of play.Of those, a number are experienced at playing online poker, with some even having learned their skills on the computer before entering a card room.One such participant is Phil Collins, who has spent the last few years as a dominant force in the online poker community.He told ESPN how he was delighted to have made the switch to big tournament poker, and the WSOP in particular.”I think that everything Ive done in my poker career has prepared me for this tournament,” Collins said.”This is why everyone plays, its what created the poker boom in the first place.”  

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2011 WSOP Schedule Announced

WSOP talk already? That’s right, it’s not even close to that time of year yet, like Christmas, the WSOP has a tendency to get its legs early. The annual WSOP really tends to start rolling with the official release of the WSOP schedule and its attendant parameters and list of what’s changed and what hasn’t. Said WSOP schedule was just released so let’s get into the meat of it, shall we?

The official 2011 WSOP launch date is Tuesday, May 31 which will see the casino employees get things swinging, followed by the first open bracelet tournament, Event #2. A new addition to the WSOP roster Event #2 is the $25,000 Heads-up No-Limit Holdem Championship. This eye-

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