PokerStars: 65th Billion Hand

While the poker world is preoccupied with the Main Event at WSOP 2011, the online poker room PokerStars is chugging away. The tribulations of the recent months following Black Friday have slowed down the progress on the Road to 100 Billion, but have not deterred it from the path.

The next mega milestone on the road to 100 billion is 65 million. The payouts will begin from the 64.7 billionth hand. Thereafter every millionth hand milestone will award prizes to the participants in that hand with the 65 millionth hand awarding mega prizes.

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PokerStars Beats Black Friday Blues With 2 New TV Shows

After having being deprived of online poker entertainment from Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars fro such along time, poker fans finally get to enjoy some of it as is launching two very interesting poker shows.

First on the show list from is an all new biography on one of the most stunning women in pro poker, Liv Boeree. She is an excellent player as well as a great looker. 26 year old Boeree has won over $2 million in live poker tournaments in the course of 2 years and she is the focus of bio Poker’s Million Dollar Girl.

She became popular through the television show Showdown in 2005. I

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US Online Poker Gets Strong Supporters In Reid, Wynn and PokerStars

Wynn Resorts recently declared its association with PokerStars, the casino giant, with a view to aid the federal online gaming legislation existent in the US. Steve Wynn, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Wynn had been approached with a PokerStars-Wynn partnership over 2 years ago but had no inclination towards online poker and so did not pursue it. Wynn was approached by Isai Scheinberg, the founder of PokerStars and despite a three hour proposal put forward by the online casino head, Wynn had no interest. He did however become curious and begin to look into the online poker sector. It was only when Senator Harry Reid came forward with the idea of regulating online poker, that Wynn go on the bandwagon.

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PokerStars Unveils Fifty50 Sit and Go Tournaments

2011 is shaping up to be the year of innovation in online poker, with Full Tilt Poker debuting their Multi-Entry Tournaments and PokerStars newest feature the Online Home Games. Well, PokerStars is back at it this week with their latest addition Fifty50 Sit & Go’s.

Fifty50 Sit & Go’s are a combination between a typical Freeze-Out Sit & Go and a Double or Nothing Sit & Go. The difference is that each player remaining receives their initial buy-in back once half the field is eliminated, and the remaining prize-pool is distributed based on chip counts!

Basically, in these Sit & Go tournaments surviving is important, but not the lone factor, as the player with the most chips will take home more of the prize-pool. Her

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