PokerStars Unveils Fifty50 Sit and Go Tournaments

2011 is shaping up to be the year of innovation in online poker, with Full Tilt Poker debuting their Multi-Entry Tournaments and PokerStars newest feature the Online Home Games. Well, PokerStars is back at it this week with their latest addition Fifty50 Sit & Go’s.

Fifty50 Sit & Go’s are a combination between a typical Freeze-Out Sit & Go and a Double or Nothing Sit & Go. The difference is that each player remaining receives their initial buy-in back once half the field is eliminated, and the remaining prize-pool is distributed based on chip counts!

Basically, in these Sit & Go tournaments surviving is important, but not the lone factor, as the player with the most chips will take home more of the prize-pool. Her

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