Good news for poker players

Ive been following the developing news about the US gambling scene for the past couple of days and trying to figure out where this will lead us in the future. The news has been so big that it hit the Wall Street Journal. I still don’t have the answers but neither does anyone else. But I want to take a look at how we got here.

Online poker at online casino sites like and has been a sticking point for many since it first came on the scene. It changed the way players played poker. When it became popular, it changed the way the world played poker. But it also took a lot of control away from the existing places of power. Read all post…

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A roller coaster week of poker news

Its the end of the fiscal year, which may be spurring on some of the big announcements in poker news. Though in some cases a fewpanies seem to simply be in a damage control mode. But this week I do promise some good news. At least a little.

The big news that could be good news is that the folks at bwin.Party are being joined by MGM Resorts International and Boyd Gaming to form an even more massive gamblingpany.

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