Craps, a traditional casino game

One game you might choose to play online is that of craps. This game is one of many traditional casino games that have made its way online. While the rules of the game have little variance, the format and the method in which you need is different from traditional craps.

The game of craps is a table game. The table used features a specific layout needed for the game. The layout contains various sections that feature the types of bets that one can place on this game. To begin playing, the player must make a wager. In order to do this, the online craps game has special buttons that make this happen. Usually, you will be able to see your chips displayed right in front of you on the screen as you would if you were in a land based casino.

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Party Poker Launches $15k Prize Packages For Big Game V

Big Game V, a televised Party Poker event, is scheduled to be held from April 15th to the 17th at the Dusk Till Dawn in the UK. This event is a marathon of poker cash games, which will stretch on for 48 hours, and Party Poker players interested in participating in this marathon stand the chance of winning one of nine impressive prize packages worth $15,000 each to the Big Game V. Each prize package includes spending money worth $2000 and buy-in worth $13,000.

How to win the Package

Winning one of these prize packages is quite challenging because players are required to participate in Low Stakes, Medium Stakes, and High Stakes point races.

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Baccarat Deemed A Mainstream Casino Game

Baccarat has become a mainstream casino game over the years, according to one expert.

Writing for Casino City Times, John Brokopp notes that where once baccarat was typically played away from the main area of a casino, it has since been integrated into the mainstream and can be found alongside other games.

He goes on to claim that baccarat “is veiled in romance, legend and lore” and has traditionally been a favourite casino game among high-stakes players.

Those looking to try their hand at the game may be interest to note his claims that many players keep records of their strategy and place bets according their previous performance.

And while Mr Brokopp adds that a new ‘Dragon Bonus’ betting feature is rising in popularity, he states “the best strategy from an economics perspective is to stick to wagering on either the player or the banker”.

In a previous Casino City Times article, he noted that while playing craps at first can be an intimidating experience for novice players “the game can be is as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it”.

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