Senator Rockefeller Wants to Regulate Online Gambling

Senator Jay Rockefeller has announced 18 different ways that he proposes that the United States can remove $1.29 trillion from the budget deficit on a federal level over a 10 year time period. One of these measures includes regulating and taxing online gambling in the United States.

Senator Rockefeller is a West Virginia Democrat, and is also the Senate Commerce Chairman. He has been known to call the Internet the “number one national hazard” and has already written a bill suggesting that the US government, or at least the US president should be allowed to shut down Internet access at any time that something on the World Wide Web could be a threat to national security.

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PokerStars Bounces Back By Establishing Itself In Europe

After the UIGEA was instituted in 2006, PokerStars picked up most of the Party Poker players, who had nowhere else to go back then. However, since Black Friday PokerStars has been suffering; although it has been the largest online poker site since 2006; closely followed by other competitors like Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker – online poker sites that also went down in the Black Friday meltdown.

PokerStars is now attempting to establish itself in Europe, and this has not been very hard for the site to do the same since it had already established itself internationally, although it had been serving the US marketplace with complete focus. A

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Why Can’t Online Poker in America Be Legalized?

A cross section of people from the US poker community are of the opinion that it is only a matter of time before the legalization of online poker in the United States goes into effect. This is being pushed from several directions and might even come to pass in 2011, since several facts are pointing towards positive turns for legalization.

While legalization is inevitable in the future, the politicians and Justice only has to decide where they stand and how they want to position themselves regarding this matter.

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Elio Fox Wins Bellagio Cup VII

The World Series of Poker Main Event wasnt the only major poker tournament happening in Las Vegas this past week. The Bellagio staff was wise enough to plan a major event of their own, giving knocked-out players from the WSOP Main Event a chance at yet another $10,000 buy-in tournament.

224 players in total registered for the Bellagio Cup VII, making for a massive prize pool of just over $2.2 million. $670k was reserved for the winner. Given that most of the roster consisted of top players from the WSOP, the competition was incredibly tough, making for a stacked final table of some of the top names in live tournament poker.

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Players Vegas Online Casino Welcomes USA Casino Players

Players Vegas online casino also accepts US players and gives them a 200% bonus when you use your credit card to make a deposit up to $350. The $700 free bonus is added to your regular gaming account so that you have a total of $1,050 to gamble with. While bets on Craps, Roulette, Baccarat and BlackJack do not count toward the wagering requirement, it is very low.

With only a 10x wagering requirement you can withdraw your winnings in record time!

So why not check out these games now? You may notice familiar games, but you will surely be seeing a few new ones too!

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