Isildur1 runs Superstar Showdown record to 8-1

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom may have his troubles at the cash games tables, considering he is one of the swingiest poker players to ever sit at an online poker table, but when it comes to set, 5,000-hand, challenge matches the man known simply as Isildur1 has been virtually unbeatable.

After another dominating performance, this time against high-stakes poker pro Rui “pepperoni” Cao, Blom can now boast of wins over Cao, Daniel Negreanu, Tony G, Eugene Katchalov, Daniel Cates, Scott Palmer, and two online qualifiers, with just a single loss to Isaac Haxton, which occurred in the first Superstar ShowdownThere is some controversy as to whether the Negreanu match counts as one or two matches: Personally I count it as one.

Blom bested Cao for the maximum $150,000 –which each competitor puts up beforehand—so the match was actually cut short after 2,257 hands of the scheduled 5,000 hands were completed. The only other player to be felted in the Superstar Showdown was Daniel Negreanu, which is why a second match was scheduled between the two –or as I consider it, a continuation of the first match.

Many people credit Isildur1’s ability to adjust in-game for his Superstar Showdown success. So while others might work a little harder away from the tables, Blom is capable of instant shifts in his playing style, as well as recognizing when his opponents have adjusted far faster than most poker players.

You can read all about the latest Superstar Showdown at the PokerStars Blog

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