Blackjack Attack for Cash Prizes

Time flies when you’re having fun at online casinos, and as if to prove the point we can tell you that it is almost time for the next Blackjack Attack tournament at the Littlewoods Casino. Regular readers will know that this tournament is staged every month and offers cash prizes to the top 50 players who manage to earn the most point by playing blackjack games, and the tournament this month will be held this Sunday 27 February.

Earning points in the Blackjack Attack tournament is simple – all you have to do is wager on blackjack games in the usual manner. Before you can take part you will have to deposit £60 into your Littlewoods Casino account between 00:00 and 23:59 on the day of the tournament, but that is the only requirement for participation (apart from having an account in the first place), so everyone can get involved.

You can play whatever blackjack games appeal to you as part of this promotion, so take a look at the range on offer and then take your seat. As you place bets you will earn tournament points, and your aim is to be one of the 50 players who accumulate the most points at the end of the tournament period. Of course, your focus should be on winning cash from the blackjack itself, so don’t deviate from basic strategy just to increase your turnover (for example, by doubling down when that isn’t the best thing to do). Instead, play as strategically as you normally would and, if you happen to win a Blackjack Attack prize as a result, all well and good.

Assuming that you finish among the top 50 players as far as your wagering activity is concerned, you will win a Blackjack Attack prize according to the following schedule:

1st place pays £625
2nd place pays £465
3rd to 5th place pays £155
6th to 30th place pays £30
31st to 50th place pays £15

The next Blackjack Attack event after this won’t be until the end of March, so if you enjoy playing online blackjack and want to get competitive, click here to visit Littlewoods Casino and get involved. Good luck!

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