New Poker Babe on the Block

The poker world has poker babes who are great models (Lacey Jones) and also has poker babes who are great moms (Jennifer Harman). But the latest poker babe on the block is both a model and a mom. Ever since the 28 year Ebony Kenney won the Isle Classic No Limit Hold’em in January 2011 she has been the toast of some of the best poker columnists.

Jenny Woo attributes the rise of Ebony to the new laws in Florida that have made live poker tournaments legal and this means that the Miami Beach based poker babe can play more often locally. Ebony has just turned pro a few months back and already has over $80,000 in the kitty. She has however been playing poker for nine years and has also worked as a casino dealer.

Michael Vasquez of the Miami Herald recounts an interesting incident early in Ebony’s poker life. Then she met a “crusty old retiree” at a poker table in Atlantic City who told her that “this is a man’s game”. Ebony feels that some men are still hostile toward, or dismissive of, female players, but there is good news ahead. She has of late encountered a new type of male player, who both recognizes and congratulates her.

On Twitter Ebony describes herself as “Overly Aggressive. Short Attention Span. Poker player. Aspiring: model. actress.” Her first foray in the modeling world was as a makeup artist. But after moving down to Miami she started getting approached by photographers and agents, and was asked to do “stuff”. That stuff now includes appearances in several music videos, including “Rap Song” by Grammy winner T-Pain. Despite acting and modeling ambitions poker will remain Ebony’s top priority.

“That’s like my 9-5,” says Ebony. “While my kids are at school, I go and I play.” Her children are aware that she plays poker for a living and are comfortable with it. While being dropped off at school they wish her luck as she heads for one of the local casinos. If she is stuck at the tables she calls up a baby sitter. But a few months back life was not that cozy. She was playing catching up with her bills and losing. Then friends helped her put together a starting bankroll and Ebony has not looked back.

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  1. Omar Says:

    this is a joke this chick was taught by her 2nd babys father and then took the kid to florida after she lost all her money in jersey. she’s no hero or star she’s a professional con artist who sleeps with anyone for money. don’t believe me just check her out on sugar daddy dot com.

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