Hustler Launches Online Poker Room

Life is an amazing phenomenon. While some life gets extinguished somewhere, new life comes into existence somewhere else. This very phenomenon occurred in the world of online poker. On April 15 the Department of Justice seized the domain names of three US poker sites and on the same day Hustler launched its online poker room. The brick and mortar version of Hustler Casino opened in 2000 in Gardena in California. It is owned by Larry Flynt, the publisher of the adult magazine “Hustler” (in picture).

The Hustler online poker room can be accessed at But do not expect a plethora of naked girls or even scantily clad ones at the web site. However, the brazenness is evident. The most visible statement on the poker room web site is “Has your online poker site been seized by the FBI? Try ours today!” The statement goes on to add that the Hustler online poker room is completely legal, totally free and ready now.

That the new online poker room will leverage the brand of Hustler Casino is both expected and valid. A prominent display is the announcement of the A Night of Poker tournament that will be hosted by the recently engaged Annie Duke at the Hustler Casino. The event will take place on May 7 from 5.00 PM. The buy in is $225 and the first prize is a $10,000 Seat at the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event. All players will receive an official tournament t-shirt and hat. And even though it is not an endorsement of the online poker room by Annie Duke, it makes great marketing sense to have her name there.

The Hustler online poker room apparently does not as yet offer cash games. But it has announced daily, weekly and monthly online tournaments for cash prizes and packages like holiday getaways. There even prizes with for players with the best records at the online poker room.

Larry Flint is a self styled poker aficionado who has been entering events in every WSOP. It matters little to him that he has been spectacularly unsuccessful at the tables. The only time that he has been in the cash was in 2000. Flint finished in eighth in a limit seven card stud event and won $10,100.

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