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Ive been following the developing news about the US gambling scene for the past couple of days and trying to figure out where this will lead us in the future. The news has been so big that it hit the Wall Street Journal. I still don’t have the answers but neither does anyone else. But I want to take a look at how we got here.

Online poker at online casino sites like and has been a sticking point for many since it first came on the scene. It changed the way players played poker. When it became popular, it changed the way the world played poker. But it also took a lot of control away from the existing places of power. So the UIGEA was introduced which basically said that where financial transactions were involved in illegal online gambling, the laws had to be enforced. Yes, Im simplifying, but it helps understand what just happened to gambling laws. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act thats been causing a ruckus this year didnt make online gambling or online poker illegal. It just said laws had to be enforced where it was illegal.

So, what made online gambling and online poker illegal? That would be the Wire Act of 1961. Notice anything about the date? Well, if you were around in 1961, you might remember that there wasnt an internet back then. So there was no online poker. Seems a bit odd that theyd bother passing an act to make something they never knew would exist illegal. Personally, Im working on an act to protect the rings of Saturn from illegal harvesting by space tourists.  You know its gonna happen one day.

Well, back in 1961 they did have sports. And the ability to wire money. The Wire Act was meant to prevent people from cheating while betting on the oue of sports games. For some reason, it was just assumed that it could also apply to poker and online casinos. But just before Christmas, the DOJ decided that wasnt the case.

So, what does this mean? Well, it seems there isnt a federal law against online poker. This supposed federal law has been what held some states back from legalizing online poker in their borders. They havent been sure if they can. Even Nevada passed an online poker bill that required legalized federal poker before they could act. Guess what they can act!

Ill be keeping a close eye on the news to see what changese about, but the future looks better than it did before I went on vacation!

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