A roller coaster week of poker news

Its the end of the fiscal year, which may be spurring on some of the big announcements in poker news. Though in some cases a fewpanies seem to simply be in a damage control mode. But this week I do promise some good news. At least a little.

The big news that could be good news is that the folks at bwin.Party are being joined by MGM Resorts International and Boyd Gaming to form an even more massive gamblingpany. Im hoping this all signals that bwin.Party is seeing good signs in the future for online poker real money in the United States because thats the market theyre aiming to get back into.

Which brings me to the disgraced poker rooms from the April 15th Black Friday Poker Shutdown.  Theyre in the news this week, but theyre in the news just about every week.  So, lets see whats up.

Blanca Games, thepany that ultimately owns UB and Absolute Poker, has announced that it is liquidating its assets in order to raise money to pay back what it owes to players. Now, if this is true, it could be good news for players. At this point, it seems no one cares if the poker rooms survive since theyre down to well under 100 players a day. 

And over at Full Tilt poker theyre making up news. Oh, excuse me, making news. Whatever. Thepany claims that the US Department of Justice has approved for them to be acquired by a Frenchpany that will solve all their problem. Hey, we can hope its true but so far, the DOJ says they cant confirm anything and no Frenchpany has announced theyre buying up Full Tilt Poker, though Groupe Bernard Taipe did express interest in a partial investment.

So, theres youre poker rundown for the week. Check back next week because Im sure we wont run out of news.

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