Good news for poker players

Ive been following the developing news about the US gambling scene for the past couple of days and trying to figure out where this will lead us in the future. The news has been so big that it hit the Wall Street Journal. I still dont have the answers but neither does anyone else. But I want to take a look at how we got here.

Online poker has been a sticking point for many since it first came on the scene. It changed the way players played poker. When it became popular, it changed the way the world played poker. But it also took a lot of control away from the existing places of power. So the UIGEA was introduced which basically said that where financial transactions were involved in illegal online gambling, the laws had to be enforced.

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888 Casino Summer Sale

888 Casino is offering players a couple of special offers to choose from in the 888 Summer Sale!

Join 888 Casino now to benefit from frequent promotions as well as a welcome bonus package worth up to £800/€900/$1400.

The 888 Casino Summer Sale gives you the choice of a $/£/€50 bonus or 88 free spins on a slots game. You can claim the $/£/€50 bonus with the promo code “sale50” on a deposit of $/£/€100 or more, or the free spins can be claimed with the bonus code “sale88” if you deposit less than $/£/€100.

These offers are not available just once – you can claim either one on every qualifying deposit until 6 July 2011. 888 Casino is being very

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TCOOP: Not everyone loves turbos (but you probably should)

Not everyone loves turbos, and I’ve heard some of my peers bemoan the lack of deepstacked, early level play with 100+ BBs. But from my perspective, deepstacked play is simply not the most important skill for a tournament player, and regardless of the speed of the structure, your success in a tournament will most often be decided by decisions that you face holding 10-40BB stacks.

To me, a turbo tournament tests the relevant skills of a tournament player in the most efficient, and fun, manner possible. You are forced to take thin gambles more quickly, and being able to properly take those gambles is the essence of tournament poker, whether it’s the $1 rebuy or the WSOP main event.

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Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year

Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year to all readers of Its been a so so year for this blog, as I havent gotten around to writing as many poker articles as I would have liked. Perhaps its because Ive reached the limit of what Im able to write about. Perhaps its because Ive been busy with a bunch of other projects. Who knows?

One things for sure: next year Ill reach my milestone of 500 articles and then new milestones have to settled upon. Perhaps one of them will be to sell this blog to someone who can take it to the next level.

By the way, in 2012 spammers will still not be allowed to post comments on my blog.

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Purple Lounge Poker Bids Farewell to Microgaming

As of January 16th, 2012, Purple Lounge online poker room will no longer be touting Microgaming poker software. The move to Entraction (the online poker software powered by heavy-hitter IGT) was, as the Purple Lounge website puts it, part of its evolution.

Entraction means pure poker with more fish, claims Purple Lounge, and the game list backs up this description. Telesina, 7-card Stud, and all of your traditional favorites like Texas Holdem and Omaha are all there already waiting for you. And, since Entraction also heads up the magnetic European Masters of Poker tour, youll have an inside scoop on all of the live action games coming down the pike.

It appears that the most current players have to worry about are downloading the new software and picking out a new nickname.

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