Nanonoko to shoot for world record at PCA

Poker players and poker fans flocking to the Caribbean in January 2012 will have the chance to witness the making of poker history. PokerStars Team Online member Randy “nanonoko” Lew has announced that he will be attempting to set or break a Guinness World Record: number of hands played in a certain time period.

“It was an idea that my Team Manager had,” Lew told us, “and it seems like good timing since I just came back from the Macau tournament. And I won.” Typical understated nanonoko.

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Find the Best Casino Online

Are you tired of searching through all the different online casinos? There are an incredible number of online casinos out there. One of the best ways to search and find the best casino is to use a comparison site.  OCK also known as Online Casino King is one of the best online casino comparison sites available. They have done all of the hard work for you. You have all the answers to your questions right at your fingertips.

Searching for a legitimate and secure casino can be an exhausting experience if you don’t really know what kind of things to be looking for. Yo Read all post…

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Don’t allow rocks to take your money

There is nothing as frustrating as seeing a rock take a pot from you when they show you the nuts and you called them down with nothing but two pair. You feel somewhat of a chump for calling down with such a weak hand. But this is exactly why watching your opponents very carefully is so important. In games like full ring then rocks thrive for one simple reason, this is because they can fold far more and still make money.

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The Panty Barn?

When I was a kid, if people acted with poor manners then you’d often hear them reprimanded with a ‘What, were you raised in a barn or something?’

Now, I have known a fair number of barns in my day. I grew up in an agricultural area. Barns were everywhere so I knew them well and I certainly wouldn’t have wanted people to think I was RAISED in one.

Oh, how things have changed. Last month I moved into my new home in Santa Barbara, which just happens to be, you guessed it, a barn. I was looking for somewhere to keep my stuff while I travel and somewhere to rest my head when I’m back but I never expected to find this absolute little gem.


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50 Free Santa’s Wild Ride Spins With Ladbrokes

Christmas has come early thanks to Ladbrokes Casinos latest offer! Open a new account today and bag yourself FIFTY free spins on the excellent Christmas slot machine game, Santas Wild Ride.

Santas Wild Ride is the brilliant festive online slot machine game, with five reels and 243 ways to win. Santa has ditched his magical sleigh and has instead opted for a Harley Davidson motorbike, which he is using to deliver gifts to winning players!

Notch up 3, 4 or 5 of Santas Harley Davidson keys across the reels and bag a generous 25 Free Spins in which all wins are doubled.

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